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10:33AM, 16 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Frances, The high worm population in your ga...
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10:33AM, 16 Jul 2012
have just covered my garden and veggie beds with mushroom compost, do i have to dig it in or can i leave it as

Submitted: 05:45PM, 30 Mar 2013
Answer: “Mushroom composts are very rich in plant nutrients, so they are quite salty until leached. They are usually alkaline. Successful use is assured only if you check the pH and the salinity of each batch of mix. Use no more than 10% volume.”
Extract from “Gardening Down Under – A guide to healthier soils and plants” by Kevin Handreck.

Greater nutritional benefits are obtained from composts dug into the soil rather than left on the surface.Practise caution when adding mushroom compost particularly if you have an acid soil and you wish to retain an acidic soil.

You may wish to offset some of this mushroom compost with cow manure.

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Answered: 12:35PM, 04 Apr 2013


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