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02:20PM, 11 Nov 2009
Answer: Hi Jeanette, sounds like many things have gone ...
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02:20PM, 11 Nov 2009
Whats the best way to make a hedge with gardenia eg spacings, which gardenia to use

Submitted: 04:49PM, 22 Sep 2012
Answer: Hi Anthony and Nerida,

Gardenias will grow to a range of heights. There is a small variety called Gardenia radicans which is a ground cover. Gardenia florida will grow to 1 metre and the largest variety Gardenia magnifica will grow to 1.5-2 m. Visit you local nursery who should have the full range of gardenias available and then you can choose what hedge height you prefer.

Gardenias grow best in soil with a low pH that is free draining. Morning sun is best however they will grow in full sun if they are watered regularly.

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Answered: 02:28PM, 24 Sep 2012


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