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Problem with Vibernum Emerald Lustre

I have 4 plants that are 1.5m high, and have been in 4 months. They get watered every 3 days. They have been producing new growth and have shiny leaves, but this week started to droop. I've given them a strong dose of seasol, and added mulch from the compost. How else can I restore them?

Submitted: 07:17AM, 22 Sep 2012
Answer: Hi Barbara,
Check around the base of the plants and ensure the mulch is not up against the trunks. Also check the soil moisture below the surface by digging down at least 10 cm. Too much water or poor draining soil can lead to root rot diseases.

If you suspect that pythium or phytophthora root diseases may be the cause of the wilting then you can apply some Yates Anti Rot. This is a systemic fungicide which is applied to the leaves and it will translocate throughout the plant.

At this time of year aphids can be a problem as they love the new leaf growth. Apply some Nature’s Way Insect and Mite Spray is you see evidence of aphids.

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Answered: 10:23AM, 24 Sep 2012


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