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I have a gardenia growing at my front door. It has been there about two years, it has never flowered.

Half the leaves are yellowing. I have added sulphur to lower the ph, plus a dose of epsom salts. What can I do with it?
This is an east facing position under the eaves. What would be an attractive plant to grow there if I had to replace the gardenia?

Submitted: 03:22PM, 15 Sep 2012
Answer: Hi Chris,
The gardenia may be suffering from lack of water if under the eaves. How often do you water the pot? Gardenias do prefer a more acidic soil so it would be a good idea to test the pH of the soil. Take a sample about 10 cm below the surface and test. If the pH is too high then you could add some sulphur.

Sometimes beetles can lay eggs in the soil and curl grubs (the larval form) will chew the roots. The best way to remove these grubs it to re-pot the gardenia with fresh potting mix and remove the grubs at the same time.

Add some Epsom salts as this will increase the magnesium levels. Thrive Flower and Fruit is high in potassium which will also help promote flowering. You could also add sulphate of potash to promote flowering.

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Answered: 09:09AM, 18 Sep 2012


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