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My lucky bamboo spiral is turning yellow. It's travelling down the stalk from the top.. why!! :-(

It grows on the window sill in the bathroom. It doesn't get direct sunlight on it.and just gets tap water....
A few of the leaves are going yellow too

Submitted: 05:36PM, 29 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Coralee,
Lucky bamboo normally does quite well in a bathroom out of direct sunlight. Change the water every 7-10 days and occasionally add some liquid fertiliser (Lucky Bamboo fertiliser) which is available from most nurseries and garden centres.
Ensure the leaves are sprayed every 6 months or so with water to remove any excess dust.

If your tap water is high in chlorine place some water in a jug overnight before using it on the bamboo.

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Tags: lucky bamboo
Answered: 02:12PM, 30 Jul 2012


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