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11:42AM, 21 Oct 2009
Answer: Because the Spring temperatures are presently s...
Category: Vegetables & Herbs
11:42AM, 21 Oct 2009
Two Chilli bushes appear to be dying, very few leaves and branches turning into sticks.

I have grown 2 Jalapeno Chilli bushes from seed and always have chilli's summer and winter.
These bushes were sown 3.5 years ago and are in different parts of the garden.
I would appreciate any advice that could save them.

Submitted: 10:36AM, 06 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Kevin,
Chilli plants usually last only 1 or 2 seasons so you have been very lucky to have had the same plants for 3.5 years.

Wet and cool conditions may cause the chilli plant to rot and develop leaf spot diseases. I suggest you select some seeds from your existing plant and when the weather warms up sow the seeds into seed raising mix and grow new plants.

Category: General
Tags: chilli
Answered: 10:21AM, 09 Jul 2012


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