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My macadamia has pale green foliage. Soil is pH neutral sandy loam. How can I help foliage to get dark green?

I've grown macadamias in Brisbane and they were a nice rich dark green. Now I'm in South Burnett and different soil. I feel there's something missing in my sandy loam soil. The foliage is evenly pale, not between leaf veins.The tree is about 4 years old and 7ft high.

Submitted: 01:27PM, 07 Apr 2012
Answer: Hi John,

As the whole leave is pale green in colour over the tree the plant requires nitrogen. Apply some Dynamic Lifter for Fruit and Citrus which will add nitrogen as well as organic material to improve the soil. Yates Uplift Organic Liquid Fertiliser can be used this month and then again in Spring. The Bio-Activ microbes in the solution as well as the Fulvic acid will help with the uptake of nutrients.

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Answered: 09:55AM, 13 Apr 2012


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