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Dracaena Marginata

I re-potted my Dracaena Marginata (it looks like the Black Knight – the one with pink/red/green leaf) last year. The plant is tall and thin, not much leaves on it. I had it as an outdoor plant and the pots are located on the east of my house. Not sure why the plant looks so sad, thin and not much leaves.

Should I feed seaweed now? Do you have any tips on improving the plants to have more leaves and not so thin & tall?


Submitted: 06:53AM, 19 Oct 2011
Answer: Hi Penny,
Applying some seaweed booster or Yates Uplift will help the health of the plant now. Generally is is recommended to fertilise potted plants at least twice a year – Spring and Autumn. The dracaena can be cut if it is two long and lanky and then it will reshoot. Sometimes it will reshoot from both sides of the cut and it will produce a bushier plant.
If you visit your local nursery they will show you the best spot to cut the dracaena.
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Answered: 09:52AM, 20 Oct 2011


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