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Ask a question now...Can a Macadamia tree be pruned to keep it at a reasonable height without doing to much damage,? Also can you transplant an Avocado tree, I have a dwarf variety which grows to about 4mtrs but would like to move it if i can. Thankyou.

Submitted: 04:10PM, 05 Feb 2010
Answer: Dear Marlene,

You do not mention the age of the Macadamia tree or whether it is a dwarf variety. Macadamia trees can be pruned from an early age but for more information I would suggest you contact the Australian Macadamia Society

I wouldn’t try and transplant your avocado tree now that the weather is so hot. It would be best to wait until the autumn when the weather is mider. You will need to prepare the area where you intend to move the tree to by making the hole twice the size of the rootball of the tree you are transplanting.

To protect the tree from transplant shock, I would suggest you spray the leaves of the tree with Droughtshield. Water the tree thoroughly before applying the Droughtshield. This product will form a protective thin polymer film on the leaf reducing transpiration for 60-90 days. You will need to spray this product several hours before transplanting.

Depending on the size of the tree you may need to give it a light prune.
Take as much of the rootball that you possible can and carefully move the tree to its new location in your garden. Water in thoroughly with a seaweed solution(Nature’s Way Seaweed Booster) and then repeat with this solution every two to four weeks until the tree shows positive signs of recovery.

Don’t do this job on your own. Enlist the help of a friend or neighbour and that way you will do a good job and give the tree a good chance of survival.

Good luck.

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Answered: 11:11AM, 10 Feb 2010


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