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10:15AM, 06 Jan 2010
Answer: Dear Maryann, Heavy clay soils really need to b...
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10:15AM, 06 Jan 2010
Viburnum Emerald Lustre for a hedge

I've been told to take the tips off so it will start to bush up for a hedge, I planted the viburnum 3 months ago

Submitted: 08:35PM, 03 Sep 2011
Answer: Hi Karen, Viburnum Emerald Lustre is a lovely shiny leaved viburnum. As the weather warms up the plant will start to put on new growth and generally thicken up. Apply some fertiliser such as Dynamiic Lifter or Garden Gold during Spring. You can do a light tip prune this year however you may prefer to wait until Winter to see what growth has occurred and the shape the plant has grown. Sometimes during extremely hot weather some sunburn can occur and this can be pruned in Autumn/Winter.
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Tags: viburnum
Answered: 11:25AM, 05 Sep 2011


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