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07:23PM, 27 Oct 2009
Answer: The Australian elder group comprises two specie...
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07:23PM, 27 Oct 2009
Hello, I have a problem with wilting tips on my westringeas and they consequently die.

About 9 months ago I planted a row of twelve westringeas in a raised (well-drained)garden bed at the edge of a new concrete slab. The water does drain into this garden but I noticed problems before we had the recent heavy rain in Brisbane. First signs were wilting tips on the plant. I have replaced 3 plants so far over the past few months, in various positions in the garden bed and I now have 2 more plants showing the same signs. Any ideas please? I thought these were hardy natives.

Submitted: 03:57PM, 06 Jan 2010
Answer: Hi Lissa, this species from Southern Africa is very hardy once established. Wilting tips on young plants could be caused by too little water, too much water with poor drainage in heavy soil, or by fertiliser overdose. perhaps dig into the soil and see how the moisture level is looking in the root zone. If soil was introduced, it may contain fresh manures that are too strong.
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Answered: 09:08AM, 18 Jan 2010


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