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Medium_image Port wine magnolia still stressed after hot summer - hasn't bounced back and we are now in Spring

Hi I live in Perth which has very hot summers and sandy soil. My PWM suffered after last summer, plus it's against a wall and North facing. We had the retic working but that wasn't enough while we were away on holidays. So I came back and a lot of the leaves were brown and crunchy. I cut it back and tried increasing the watering. I think it's still slowly dying. Not only are the leaves yellow, but the inside of the hedge is sparse- lots of branches with no leaves. I've been giving it a seaweed solution regularly to try and get it back but it hasn't worked. Just gave it a nice mulch with a wetting agent. I'm worried we'll lose it as summer is just around the corner. Some leaves are a vibrant green, and it's just flowered, but there aren't many green leaves or flowers at all. Please help me save it!

Submitted: 05:20PM, 08 Oct 2016
Answer: Hi Marta,

Thanks for contacting Yates.

Your poor Port Wine Magnolia has seen better days, but don’t despair it doesn’t look too bad. It does look like it is suffering from a lack of nutrients though.

I recommend giving the tree a good feed with some Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food and an instant boost with some Yates Thrive Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food.

Feeding with a seaweed solution is great for the roots, however, it doesn’t give the plant a good feed, which is what it is currently after.

Hopefully, this will give the tree the booster that it needs to keep going.

Kind regards

Yates Horticulturalist

Answered: 05:55PM, 08 Oct 2016


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