Hi can you recommend a climbing plant in Sydney for privacy lattice above existing fence 2m high 15m long?

Hi. We have a timber fence line 2m high 15m long along a laneway that requires further privacy screening. We are thinking of erecting some lattice above it with some climbing plants to achieve this. We are based in Sydney and get full northern sun. Can you recommend some ideas on suitable plants and maintenance tips? Thanks Josh

Submitted: 01:15PM, 11 Jun 2016
Answer: Hi Joshua,

Thank you for contacting us regarding plant selection. Please consider the following recommendations, hope you will like one of them:


Star jasmine


Creeping fig

Boston ivy


Spring jasmine

Potato vine

Hope this helps and happy gardening.

Best Regards,
Yates Horticulturalist

Category: General
Tags: climber
Answered: 04:17PM, 11 Jun 2016


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