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10:33AM, 16 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Frances, The high worm population in your ga...
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10:33AM, 16 Jul 2012
Medium_thumb_dsc05613_1024 Competition for the oldest Yates garden Guide Please

When was the first edition of the Yates garden guide printed? could you please write up some history about it? & also:
Could you please hold a competition for who has the oldest Yates garden guide (& photo proof) please? it would be such fun? Ken 24/7/34 & Sylvia Allan.27/3/40

Submitted: 11:39PM, 05 May 2016
Answer: Hi Ken and Sylvia,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Yates garden guide, it’s a great idea for hosting the competition and I have forwarded your suggestion to our marketing department. In terms of the very first edition of the Yates Garden Guide, I have only limited information: Arthur Yates (1861-1926) launched his profitable range of packet seeds in 1893 and two years later he set about writing the Yates Garden Guide to direct its instructions to home gardeners and support his seeds business. The book has become an annual publication and still producing now. I can see you have been enjoying gardening and the active life style gardening has brought. Thank you again for your suggestions and ongoing support, you are welcome to try our online live chat if there are any gardening questions in the future.

Hope this helps and happy gardening.

Best Regards,
Yates Horticulturalist

Answered: 10:08AM, 06 May 2016


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