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My magnolia caviar has some leaves that are turning yellow and falling off. How do I fix this?

It's 18 months old and in a sunny spot. It has lost the odd leaf previously. Now it seems be losing a lot of leaves. The tree is looking less lush but otherwise healthy from what I can tell.

Submitted: 11:03AM, 22 Apr 2016
Answer: Hi There
Leaf drop can be caused by a few problems but it can also just be a part of its natural growth. The most common cause of the problem is environmental stress caused by a lack of water or nutrient. This will usually show with other symptoms on the plant as well. As they are just dropping I think its just a natural process so give it a prune in winter and feed with some Dynamic Lifter and it will put on some more growth.


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Answered: 11:48AM, 22 Apr 2016


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