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Medium_img_1195 why do my Capsicums have curly leaf, is it disease or plant nutrition?

My Capsicums have struggled since I planted them ie very slow growing and now curly leaf. I made the new garden bed in poor loamy soil. The soil was enhanced by adding 4 cubic metres of good quality topsoil and 1.5 cubic metres of mushroom compost, over the 25 square metres of bed and the raising of same the estimates are 50% good topsoil, 20% mushroom compost to the existing soil. I had a bumper crop of tomato's and at the moment am experiencing a crop of very good quality beetroot. but in the same soil the capsicums have struggled. photo's provided cheers and thanks, Pete

Submitted: 12:26AM, 22 Apr 2016
Answer: Hi Pete,
Thanks for the photo. This kind of leaf curling is generally due to water stress. This can be caused by a lack of water or by a sap sucking insect. Have a close look at the plant for any little insects or discolouration which may indicate an insect. You can control most capsicum pests with some Natures Way Veggie and Herb Spray. If they are not there you may need to increase your watering. As the weather is cooling down at the moment you should also expect to see a slowing of growth (depending on where you are in the country) as they are a warm season plant.
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Answered: 08:18AM, 22 Apr 2016


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