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Does Yellow Boronia (Lutea), die off in autumn/winter, and come back late winter to spring?

My Yellow Boronia (Lutea) has been very happy and healthy. Being in Tasmania it's starting to get cooler very quickly as we approach winter. I've noticed the leaves of my boronia turning yellow and drying up. Does the Lutea boronia die off in winter?

Submitted: 10:16AM, 10 Apr 2016
Answer: Hello Brodie,

No a healthy plant shouldn’t die off over winter. A Tasmanian winter would likely be a high risk period for the development of root diseases, to which Boronias are particularly susceptible. Typically non-grafted Boronias are very short lived plants for this reason.

You may consider treating for possible phytophthora root rot with Yates Anti Rot. Ensure that the plant is located in a full sun position and it is kept moist but very well drained.

Kind regards,

Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist

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Answered: 06:44PM, 10 Apr 2016


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