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How to test the pH of soil

Yellow leaves on Mop Top trees

Submitted: 12:15PM, 20 Feb 2016
Answer: Hi Robert
Thanks for the question.
Soil pH can be the cause for yellowing leaves in many plants. When the pH is too far from the plants preferred range the nutrients it needs can become unavailable.
There are a couple of ways to test the pH of your soil. There are Probe devices which you just stick into the ground and they give you a reading. These are easy to use devices and give you a good idea of the pH of the soil but the other soil test kits give you a more accurate reading. With these kits you are given an indicator and a powder. You take a soil sample and put some indicator on it then use the powder to show the colour of the mixture and compare that to a chart to give you the pH of the soil. Both of these methods are relatively cheap and easy to do.

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Answered: 12:31PM, 22 Feb 2016


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