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My Murrayas have been severly affected by the recent heavy frost in our area. How do i bring them back??

They have only been planted for about 8 mths and were very green, healthy, had lots of new leaves and were thickening up b4 the frost. Now they have lost alot of their leaves at the top. They still have green leaves at the base. I am DEVASTED!

Submitted: 08:03PM, 18 Jul 2010
Answer: Dear Sharon,

I can agree with you, frost damage on your plants can be devastating especially with regard to your Murraya hedge which was growing so beautifully. I would take some heart in the fact that Murraya is a very hardy plant and come Spring, when the soils start to warm up again, I am sure it will show signs of new growth and continue to grow strongly once more. From the sounds of things it already appears to be bouncing back.

There is no point in fertilising at this point. I would wait till Spring and then you can use a product such as Yates Multi Nutrient Plant Food which will feed your Murraya through the leaves and roots to promote strong healthy plant growth. If you prefer, you could feed with Dynamic Lifter pellets which will promote new growth. The added Blood & Bone, fishmeal and seaweed will also help to organically enrich and improve the soil and help your Murraya to recover quickly.

If you live in an area that is prone to frost, you might consider using a product called Droughtshield. This product is biodegradable and when sprayed on the leaves will form a protective thin polymer film. Spray in late autumn before frosts begin and repeat at 30 day intervals until danger of frost has passed.

I am sure with a little TLC your Murraya hedge will soon be looking good again.

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Answered: 10:16AM, 22 Jul 2010


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