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Medium_image My hawthorias roots are half brown and half flesh colored. Some leaves are squishy. What do I do?

Hello. So I have my hawthoria here who was not very well taken care of when I first got her.. due to my fault. I read mulitple forums that said to constantly keep hawthorias moist and that just made for a big disaster. I researched more and i should water her when she gets dry. Ive repotted her into completely dry, well draining soil and topped her off with sheet moss twice since i keep getting different instructions. Her roots are half brown and half flesh colored. I cut off a completely brown root at the base of the plant. Should i have cut off all of the roots even though since i have repotted her, they look as if they are healing and turing more yellow-pinky? Im so concerned about how to properly take care of her root system and am getting so many mixed instructions. Also... some of her leaves are squishy at the base of the plant and im wondering.. how do i remove them without causing any damage to her? Root system is shown below.

Submitted: 11:08AM, 07 Sep 2015
Answer: Hi Rachel,

Firstly, I would remove the moss and replace it with a topdressing of fine gravel. You can find this in most garden centres.

The roots will sort themselves out, once you’ve got the soil and watering right.

This web link is to a very good site and the information is accurate and more detailed than I could give:

I would persist with the plants as they are lovely things to have and will do well in time. Your local branch of the Cactus and Succulent society will also be able to supply a lot of advice.

Good luck with it.

Kind regards


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Answered: 03:02PM, 08 Sep 2015


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