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02:41PM, 20 Oct 2009
Answer: Spray the foliage regularly with Triforine, Ros...
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02:41PM, 20 Oct 2009
I live in Canberra and we are getting higher than normal number of days of very heavy frosts (already!)

My (large) garden has remained looking quite pretty up until late May (even still getting roses), but now beginning to sag under the weight of all these recent intense frosts, even a large otherwise very healthy hebe is suffering...obviously I can't cover the whole garden, but given that it's only early June I'm already concerned that by winters end I (and probably many others) are going to loose considerably more plants and shrubs than usual..does anyone have any advice or suggestions as to best ways to handle multiple frost days?

Submitted: 10:40AM, 04 Jun 2015
Answer: Hi Colleen,
We have a product called droughtshield that you can use over the foliage that will help protect it from the frost, its also good to use it when the weather is warm to protect your plants from heat stress. If you do have damage on your plants its important to keep it there to protect the new foliage until the season is over. Use some seaweed tonic over the roots to keep the over all vigour of the plant healthy. I hope this helps :)—-protect/yates-waterwise-droughtshield—-ready-to-use-2-5l/
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Answered: 12:54PM, 04 Jun 2015


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