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06:30PM, 06 Nov 2009
Answer: Hi Maree, I have listed a few plants that migh...
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06:30PM, 06 Nov 2009
need a climber for the western side of a fence.Gympie QLD. need to be frost tolerant and fast grower.TEZZA

Submitted: 05:57PM, 20 May 2015
Answer: Hi Terry,
There wouldn’t be too many climbers that would be tolerant of a heavy frost. I have suggested a few climbers which would suit your situation and hopefully you will like.
Jasminum officinale, Pandorea jasminoides, Parthencissus, Solanum jasminoides and Hardenbergia violacea.

Yates do make a product called Droughtshield. This is an excellent product that will not only protect your plants from heat, water loss, sunburn and droughts, but it will also give protection against a light frost. You will find Droughtshield at your local nursery or hardware store.
Droughtshield is biodegradable and the protective film stretches up to 100% with leaf growth and lasts for up to 90 days.It is really worthwhile having this product in your garden shed.

Answered: 12:00PM, 27 May 2015


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