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Cuttings to grow plants

Hi I am looking to use cuttings to grow plants I was just after some tips and best way to do this? Is a green house good for temp and humidity eat or what are other ways ?

Submitted: 04:46PM, 05 May 2015
Answer: Some cuttings can be tricky to get them to form roots. There is a saying that you can throw a cutting of a Geranium and it will have roots be the time it hits the ground. Success with cuttings can depend on what you are trying to propagate, but providing the best conditions will give you a better success rate.
There are 4 types of cuttings you can take: herbaceous, soft wood, semi-hard wood and hard wood cuttings. herbaceous cuttings are used in plants that don’t form any wood like oregano or thyme. The name of the other types of cuttings are pretty self explanatory. Soft wood and semi-hard wood cuttings will generally strike more readily than hard wood cuttings although a quick internet search should tell you what the best type of cutting is for the plant you are propagating. This search should also tell you an approximate size for the cutting.
Once you have your cutting strip the bottom half at least of its leaves and dip the end of the cutting into Yates Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel to increase your chances of a success then place the cutting in a pot filled with Yates Seed Raising Mix.
The best plant to keep your cuttings is somewhere with high humidity. This helps to reduce the water lost through transpiration through the leaves, as until the cutting grows new roots there is very little moisture entering the cutting. The best heating for cuttings is bottom heat although this expensive so the Yates Mini Greenhouse provides a good environment for home gardeners.
It is best to take cuttings in the morning as the plants are likely to have the most moisture at this time. You can find more information on our page about taking cuttings at
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Answered: 10:21AM, 07 May 2015


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