How to divide the pups off a giant bird of paradise? When I've tried they die after I transplant.

I want to split off the baby giant bird of paradise which have grown in the garden off the large parent plant, and plant them into another spot in the garden. I've tried to do this in the past but they die soon after transplanting. Is there a trick to doing this successfully? Thanks in advance :)

Submitted: 09:45PM, 16 Apr 2015
Answer: A Bird of Paradise is a great a addition to the garden, they are a tough plant with a great flower. When you are dividing a plant there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. the first is you need to make sure the plant is large enough to cope with being split, splitting a plant that is too small can kill it.
The second thing is to make sure the part you split off has a good root system on it. If the part you split has no roots or only a small amount on it, it may not be successful in establishing in its new spot.
Once you have your division plant it as soon as you can and water it in with a seaweed solution. You can also trim some of the leaves off to reduce transpiration, which might help it grow some more roots. Once it has established apply Yates Uplitft liquid fertiliser to give it a good start.
Answered: 10:50AM, 23 Apr 2015


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