my Tibouchinas is being smashed by possums, with largeish branches being brokenoff. rather than waste/compost

is it possible to strike as cuttings, if so when & how?

Submitted: 04:53PM, 28 Mar 2015
Answer: It is definitely possible to strike cuttings from a Tibouchina. You need to take the cuttings as soon as possible. It is best to take them from a healthy plant but you may be able to take them from the broken branches if you do it first thing in the morning after the possums have broken the bush and before the sun has hit the leaves. This is to preserve as much moisture in the leaves and stem as possible.
When you are going to take your cuttings, fill a 20cm diameter pot with Yates Seed Raising Mix.
You can take soft wood cuttings in spring or summer and hardwood cuttings in autumn.
Take a 10 cm length with sharp pruners or a utility knife, take the leaves off the bottom 5cm of the cutting either by pinching them off or by cutting them off.
Dip the bottom section in Yates Clonex Purple Rooting Hormone Gel, and place them in the seed raising mix which has had holes the same diameter as the cuttings made into it.
Keep them in humid area and mist water until they establish.

late spring and summer or autumn

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Answered: 04:13PM, 07 Apr 2015


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