Am looking for a fast growing hedge that is easy maintenance

Submitted: 07:27PM, 26 Mar 2015
Answer: There are a huge number of plants which can be used as hedges, some are easy to form into hedges others need a lot of attention to form them.
Murraya’s are a fantastic hedging plant that is fast growing and requires little maintenance, only an occasion feed and prune to keep the shape. Murraya’s also produces a wonderfully scented flower in spring and summer.
You can also try the native Lilly Pilly. These are great hedging plants, the new growth comes in a cherry red colour before fading to green as the leaves age. If your grow Lilly Pilly’s you need to think about Psyllids. You can either select a resistant variety or use Yates Confidor Tablets in the soil to keep them at bay for up to 6 months.
Answered: 10:10AM, 07 Apr 2015


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