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07:18PM, 30 Oct 2009
Answer: Hi Anne, not sure if you refer to drains or fou...
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07:18PM, 30 Oct 2009
Can clonex be used directly on roots of succulent raindrops which has hardly any roots on it.

I bought this plant cheaper as it was a bit neglected & the last one left, when I went to repot it, I noticed the roots seemed to be I guess rotting away. There was still some roots still but not alot. I have some clonex & was thinking maybe to dip the roots into it to help it build them back quicker. Would this work? Or is Clonex strictly for cuttings? Thankyou Sharon

Submitted: 05:29PM, 06 Jun 2014
Answer: Hi Sharon,
From what you have said in your email, it doesn’t sound like the plant is at all healthy. That doesn’t mean that the plant can’t be saved. If you were wanting to improve and stimulate the root system of the plant, it would be better to use a liquid seaweed product. Apply the product every 2-4 weeks to give the plant the boost it needs. At the same time you might like to take some cuttings from the plant. This way you will ensure, if the orginal plant fails to thrive, you will still have the plant in the form of cuttings.
Answered: 03:39PM, 11 Jun 2014


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