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Medium_dwarf_fruit_tree Leaf damage to dwarf fruit trees

I notice all of my dwarf fruit trees planted some 8 months ago, their new leaf growth is getting a white mark of the leaf and goes translucent, then Falls off. I notice some of the existing adult leaves curl, but seem to stay like this as well.
Fruit trees have been planted in a raised bed some 600 high and are on my trickle system getting watered every other day.
I fertilised several weeks ago with 'fruit' fertiliser as per directions making care to kept product at least 10cm from trunk.

Submitted: 11:56AM, 04 Nov 2013
Answer: Hi Geoff,
Unfortunately your citrus has been attacked by citrus leaf miner. This is a tiny moth that flies at night and deposits her eggs in the soft new foliage of citrus trees. It causes the leaf to curl and become distorted with silvery lines throughout the leaf. The new foliage can be protected by spraying with a product called PestOil.

The foliage on your tree that has been affected, should be pruned off now but when new foliage appears, get in early and spray with PestOil. This pest is active during the summer/autumn months.

You are doing the correct thing by making sure your citrus receive enough water and are being fed with a good quality citrus food. We would recommend applying Dynamic Lifter Plus Organic Fruit Food. This product will encourage strong new growth and flowering to produce a good supply of fruit. Keep up the good work.

Answered: 02:03PM, 07 Nov 2013


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