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what is the best time to spray apple trees for coddling moth

Submitted: 09:47AM, 10 Jun 2013
Answer: Hi Ray,

There is not presently any registered product available for the control of codling moth. Now that it is winter and the apple tree has lost all of its leaves, now is the time to look for any cocoons that may be present in the bark crevices of the tree. These need to be removed before the spring arrives as this is when pupation occurs and the moths emerges. Remove any flaking bark, broken branches and litter from the crotch of the tree. Lime Sulfur can also be applied to the branches of the tree to clean up any fungal spores or insects that tend to over-winter on the tree.

To protect the fruit once it has formed, there are, what are called, apple pouches which are placed over the fruit to prevent the larvae of the codling moth from doing any damage. There are also traps that are available that will attract and trap both the male and female moths. Your local nursery or hardware store will have these products available.

Answered: 03:17PM, 12 Jun 2013


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