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Fruit Fly infestation - can I use Mavrik

If I can use Mavrik to control a very bad infestation in my Mandarin (Imperial), can I eat the fruit this year or must I admit defeat?

Submitted: 02:08PM, 29 May 2012
Answer: Hi Tex,

Mavrik is not registered for the control of fruit fly.

If there are sting marks on the fruit or if fruit has fallen to the ground, then it is likely that the fruit may have been attacked by fruit fly earlier in the season.

The two products in the Yates range of product that are registered to control fruit fly are:-

Nature’s Way Fruit Fly Control. This is a low toxic solution to controlling this pest. You will need to start spraying as soon as you notice the fruit fly are present, usually from spring right through the summer months.
Apply the product as either a band or a spot spray to the trunk and lower foliage of the citrus trees. You will need to repeat the spray on a weekly basis. There is no withholding period with this product.

Lebaycid Fruit Fly & Insect Killer. Lebaycid will kill the adult flies as well as the fruit maggots within the fruit. Spraying should commence when the fruit is at a stage where it will be attractive to the fruit fly. Follow the direction on the label as to how often the product should be applied. There is a withholding period with this product as to many days you will need to wait before eating the fruit. Hopefully not too many of the fruit has been stung and you will still be able to harvest a good percentage of the fruit.

Answered: 03:01PM, 29 May 2012


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