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11:42AM, 21 Oct 2009
Answer: Because the Spring temperatures are presently s...
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11:42AM, 21 Oct 2009
I have some grapes that I struck 2 years ago. Can you please give me a maintenace plan for the calendar year I cant find one on your site. Thanks.

They are a gift as I struck them with my dad about a week before he passed away and as they are fruiting now I would like to give the spare ones to relatives with instructions like a gift from my dad who is in heaven. Thanks I would like to get them to them in the next week 25 October as they are starting to get big and they need to be planted in place NOW. ALSo can you please include replanting methods Best wishes, Marguarete

Submitted: 10:42AM, 25 Oct 2009
Answer: Grapevines are planted in winter about 3 m apart. The basic principle of pruning is that fruit buds are borne on one-year-old wood which arises from two-year-old wood. Water shoots grow from wood older than two years and are not fruit bearing. Cut the strongest cane on the plant to two buds. Train growth from these in both directions along the bottom wire of the trellis or lateral support. Next winter, prune these main arms back to sturdy wood leaving three buds on each. The following winter, prune back at the base. Continue this process each year.

September apply Lime sulphur just before bud burst for the control of bud mite and erinose mite.

September/October apply Mancozeb at bud burst and 12 days later for the control of black spot.

Downy Mildew can also be a problem at this time of year so spraying with Yates Leaf Curl Copper Spray when the shoots are approx. 20cm long and at 14-21 day intervals. Be careful not to apply during flowering.

Anti Rot is another Yates systemic fungicide that can be used to control downy mildew on grape vines. It is applied as a foliar spray when the disease is first notice.

October/March apply Mancozeb Plus for the control of Powdery Mildew. Apply when the risk of disease is high and repeat the spray at 10 day intervals.

In early spring apply a good quality fertiliser suitable for fruit trees. We would suggest Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Fruit & Citrus. This product contains composted chicken manure with added nutrients that will keep your vines healthy as well as producing delicious fruit. As well as applying in spring, apply again mid to late summer.

Answered: 10:57AM, 09 Nov 2009


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