my strawberries are watery and tastless, not sweet and yummy! what is wrong?

the slugs find them very tasty, [the slug and snail baits do not seem to be attracting them]. It is very disappointing to gather good looking strawberries to find them so tasteless and un-sweet!
How can I fix this problem?

Submitted: 08:24PM, 14 Nov 2010
Answer: Dear Kay,

I agree, it is disappointing to grow strawberries and not be able to eat them as they are tasteless. I am presuming you planted the strawberries as seedlings this season. You can plant out the runners from the previous season but it is better to put in new plants each season.

Strawberries do well if they are planted into a well composted soil full of nutrients. They also need 6 – 8 hours of sunlight a day for the fruit to ripen well. Once the flowers appear and have set fruit you can apply a soluble fertiliser such as Thrive Flower & Fruit every two weeks to give them the necessary nutrients they need to produce large juicy fruit. Regularly watering is also essential, but I am sure in Qld you have been experiencing a lot of rain recently.

With regard to the snails, you may have to put a net over your strawberries to protect them.

I am sure with regular fertilising the quality of your strawberries will improve.

Answered: 03:00PM, 10 Dec 2010


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