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10:43PM, 03 Sep 2012
Answer: Limes will turn yellow as they mature.
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10:43PM, 03 Sep 2012
07:56PM, 03 Jan 2014
Answer: Hi Julie, I am assuming you are referring to th...
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07:56PM, 03 Jan 2014
My limes are juicy but with zero flavour

Have been like this for many years. What do they need?

Submitted: 03:36PM, 11 Aug 2016
Answer: Hi Janne,

Thank you for contacting Yates regarding your lime tree, unfortunately we don’t know what exactly has gone wrong with your citrus. It could be the variety of lemon. Has the tree ever had good flavored fruit? Most commercial trees are not grown from seed, they are grafted onto ‘root stock’ . Root stock may or may not produce flavorful fruit. If a branch grows from below the graft, the fruit can be very different than that from above the graft. Or if it was grown from seed, the fruit may not taste very good due to mutation. Fluctuated temperature can also freeze and destroy the flavor of citrus. Another thing you need to avoid is too much nitrogen based fertiliser after flowering, this can contribute flavourless and thick rind citrus. May I suggest supplement with Yates Thrive Citrus & Fruit Natural Fish & Seaweed+ Concentrate, the dual acting formula feed through both leaves and roots to boost healthy growth and prolific fruits.

Hope this helps and happy gardening.

Best Regards,
Yates Horticulturalist

Answered: 05:53PM, 11 Aug 2016


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