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I have two large orange trees and need to move them. what is the best method

I live in Cottesloe and want to move one of them up to Lancelin. the other will be moved to a different spot in the garden as we need to make way for a new shed. Should i cut the tree back first? by how much? should i make the transplant hole a certain size? Should i put compost or something in the hole before the tree is moved? It is about 12-15 feet high and about 12 years old. both trees have the most amazing fruit

Submitted: 11:09PM, 08 Apr 2016
Answer: Hi Deryn,

Thank you for contacting us regarding transplanting your citrus tree. Autumn is the best time to transplant trees, as the temperature has cooled down while soil is still warm, this would help new roots to grow and you plant would quickly establish in the new site.
• You will need to trim the tree to a manageable size and easy to handle for transport 2-3 weeks before transplanting; therefore there is enough time for the tree to heal.
• Flood the tree several days before transplanting and make sure the roots get a good soak.
• The new planting hole needed to be twice as big as the root ball.
• Prepare soil by adding some garden compose to the existing soil ( keep them on the top 20cm to prevent Anaerobic condition)
• Make sure the new soil level is the same as existing level ( Do not bury the crown)
• Mulch it up and water in well
You may get more information for the following links:

Hope this helps and happy gardening.

Best Regards,
Yates Horticulturalist

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Answered: 02:39PM, 09 Apr 2016


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