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I have a problem with a rosella plant

I had 2 plants - they were perfectly healthy and now one, the leaves are wilting and seems to be dying.

Submitted: 09:57AM, 05 Feb 2016
Answer: Hello Kay,

This could be due to one of three likely culprits:
- Pests
- Disease
- Accidental exposure to a herbicide or other substance harmful to plants.

If you have already checked the plant itself for anything out of the ordinary, you might also try looking at the base of the plant for signs of rot, or dig around in the soil to check for curl grub or similar pests. If you would like to send us some photos, we can definitely investigate further as to what might be the issue.

Kind regards,

Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist

Answered: 04:31PM, 05 Feb 2016


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