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11:42AM, 21 Oct 2009
Answer: Because the Spring temperatures are presently s...
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11:42AM, 21 Oct 2009
every time I pick th my peaches i see they have small white worms in them. How do I treat this and when

The worms have a black dot on their head. Which season do I treat this and how?

Submitted: 09:25PM, 02 Apr 2015
Answer: It sounds like you have a fruit fly infestation. Pick up any fruit that has been dropped and dispose of it off site, not in your compost.
To stop this from happening again you can use Nature’s Way Fruit Fly Control, this product combines an irresistible bait with an insecticide. When the female fruit fly emerges from her pupal case in the soil she seeks out this product in ingests the insecticide.
You should start applying this product as soon as fruit fly’s are present. You can find when they are present by using a homemade fruit fly trap, you can find the instructions to make one at the following link
Answered: 11:40AM, 10 Apr 2015


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