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the chillis from my chilli plant are drying up and feels soft. Some of the new leaves curled as well

Submitted: 10:48PM, 18 Feb 2013
Answer: Hi Chris,

If the chillies are soft at the blossom end which is opposite the stalk they could have, what is called Blossom end Rot. This can occur if there is insufficient calcium available to the plant. This problem is made worse if the water supply to the plant fluctuates. It is important to lime the soil before planting out your seedlings.

Leaves curling could also indicate that there is a sap sucking insect present such as white fly, aphid or thrips. These insects can be controlled by using a Yates product called Nature’s Way Insect & Mite Killer, Natrasoap. Spray when pests are first notice to avoid damage to the foliage.

Answered: 04:08PM, 19 Feb 2013


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