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Problems with soil, I have added compost and cow manure ( commercial product) to my soil, however it still does not have a good consisancy and appears very dry and hard. I also added gypsum to break up the clumps. Any suggestions to improve the quality f

Submitted: 12:28PM, 07 Apr 2010
Answer: If this is a heavy loam or clay based soil, you may need to break up into large clods with a crow bar then reduce these with a mattock, then a spade. Don’t over cultivate or it will set like cement – leave some large pieces the up to the size of a tennis ball. With a garden fork incorporate more compost, gypsum and organic matter to at least the depth of a spade. A soil wetter applied to the surface ater this and watered in well will aid moisture absorbtion and help avoid drying out. A final layer of compost as mulch will aid the camellias and encourage earthworms who will finish the job for you over time. Add more compost as required and fertilise with Dynamic Lifter for Azaleas and Camellias in spring and autumn.
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Answered: 12:54PM, 16 Apr 2010


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