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are there special fertiliser and trace element requirments for lemonade trees

Submitted: 02:27PM, 28 Oct 2009
Answer: Hi John,

To ensure that your lemonade trees received all the nutrients they require to produce healthy leaves and good quality sweet fruit, we would recommend you use a fertiliser that is especially formulated for citrus.

Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Fruit & Citrus is made from organic, composted chicken manure pellets which have been blended with extra nutrients to encourage superior plant performance. The N:P:K: level of 10:4:8: (plus trace elements) means good growth, more flowering and sweet juicy fruit. You can apply this product in early spring, before growth flush and then again mid to late summer. This will ensure that the tree receives all the essential nutrients it needs at the correct time of year.

Enjoy growing your lemonade tree and most of all enjoy eating the delicious fruit.

Answered: 02:11PM, 12 Nov 2009


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