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fertilising roses, annuals etc

I'm looking for a water soluble fertiliser that will make roses, annuals etc bloom with lots of flowers. The Thrive Soluble All Purpose Plant Food doesnt say anything about roses. Would it be okay to use it? And should I use the Thrive Soluble or the Thrive concentrated one? Thanks alot

Submitted: 10:16PM, 02 Jun 2012
Answer: Thrive Soluble All Purpose fertiliser with its high level of nitrogen will encourage healthy foliage in your plants at the expense of flowers.

To boost flower numbers, use Thrive Soluble Flower and Fruit because it contains increased potassium, the element responsible for promoting flowers and fruit.

If you wish to see quick results in your flowering plants use soluble fertilisers because they are quick acting.

Answered: 10:58AM, 04 Jun 2012


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