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i FED & conditioned my camelias in pots a month ago & since then they have been dropping leaves & looking brown on end of branches,WHATS WRONG?

Submitted: 12:58PM, 02 Jan 2010
Answer: Dear Alana,

It would be interesting to know what type of fertiliser you used to feed your potted camellias. Potted plants should only be fertilised with slow release, liquid or soluble fertilisers. Granular fertilisers are too strong for potted plants and are used only for plants in a garden situation. It will state on the carton ‘not suitable for potted plants’.

At this stage, if you have used a granular fertiliser, it would be advisable to remove any of the granules still present. The plant will be a little stressed at this stage so I would recommend you water in some Nature’s Way Seaweed Solution every 2 – 4 weeks until the plant shows signs of recovery.

It could be that the fertiliser was applied on a hot day when the soil was dry. This could also cause the leaves to turn brown and begin to fall. Again applications of seaweed extract will help the plant to recover.

Camellias are very hardy plants so I am sure will a little tender care your plant will recover and be back to its former glory in no time.

Answered: 03:33PM, 11 Jan 2010


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