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Will fertilizer put on empty vege patch in winter be gone by spring or still have goodness in soil in spring

I want to but fertilizer in my fallow winter vege patch to build up its goodness, but will it all be washed away by spring. Want to use ordinary fertilizer not necessarily organic. Dont have compost to use.

Submitted: 09:25AM, 17 May 2017
Answer: Hi B,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

Its a good time of the year to prepare your vegetable beds for spring.

You can use Yates Dynamic lifter organic plant food as well as some blood and bone to add nutrients as well as introduce beneficial insects to your soil.
Its a good idea to turn your soil over a couple of times as well before spring to help with aeration.

here is a great link with some more information.

I hope this helps and have a lovely day

Kind Regards

Leisa- Horticulturist


Answered: 11:00AM, 17 May 2017


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