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Answer: This is caused by a fungal disease called leaf ...
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02:33PM, 20 Oct 2009
Answer: No, this problem is caused by Citrus Leaf miner...
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I have treated my citrus with manganese and magnesium chelates how long should it take to see an improvement . How long should I leave it before attempting the diagnosis and treatment . Initially my citrus displayed a yellowing of the leaves with the veins highlighted then I noticed that the hollowing on some of the trees was leaving the leaves yellow with customers v shape greening closest to its branch. I am now seeing leaf curling .Oour winter has not been wet but has been cold I have been keeping a close eye on the moisture regards david

Submitted: 01:50PM, 18 Aug 2015
Answer: Hi David,
Magnesium deficiency normally presents itself as yellowing on the outside of the leaf with a prominent inverted ‘V’ pattern down the centre of the leaf.
With a iron deficiency you will notice yellowing of the new growth with the veins prominently green in colour.
It sounds like you have both a magnesium and iron deficiency.
We have both the Iron Chelate and Magnesium Chelate in liquid form in our range of products.
Seeing both of these deficiencies are present at the moment, we would suggest applying these products every 2 – 4 weeks as a foliar spray until the symptoms improve. Just re-assess the situation after two weeks. You may need to give the tree a further application.
Leaves curling could be a result of the citrus leaf miner. This pest attacks the soft new growth on the tree. You will need to spray this new growth with Yates PestOil to protect that soft new foliage from being attacked. The moth lays its eggs inside the new growth which you will see when you uncurl the leaf. It would be best to prune off this damaged foliage and when new growth appears, spray with the PestOil to prevent further damage.
Once spring arrives, your tree will need some nutrients so we would suggest using some Dynamic Lifter Plus for Fruit. This is an excellent fertiliser which will really give your tree a real boost.
You have a little work to do with your tree, but citrus are hardy trees and I am confident you will be able to get it looking great in no time at all. Happy gardening.
Answered: 03:36PM, 19 Aug 2015


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