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My Magnolia Grandiflora was planted 21/2 yrs ago and is now turning yellow. Soil ph is 7. Why?

It is well watered and fertilized using both composted cow manure and a slow release general purpose fertilizer every 3 months. I have added sulphur and epsom salts as well as seasol and thrive. Nothing has helped. I have also noticed a viburnum which is planted beside the magnolia has just started losing some colour from the leaves. Everythimg else in the garden is very healthy. WHat should I try next?

Submitted: 03:32PM, 14 Jul 2010
Answer: Hi Leigh, hard to say without seeing the symptoms eg old leaves or new leaves yellowing, veins showing green or not, any marginal scorching of leaves. If you are using bore water and it has a high salt content, this may be a factor as magnolias are quite salt sensitive. if the water is very alkaline this also could be a factor. Could be the wrong plant for these conditions – would recommend trying to acidify the soil to pH 6.0 and check water quality.
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Tags: magnolia
Answered: 07:38AM, 15 Jul 2010


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