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dug in a lot of lucerene mulch. do I need fertilizer before replanting. If yes which one and how much

My garden had only 100m topsoil on top of clay.8 weeks ago I removed the topsoil and dug the clay over adding clay breaker. I added a big layer of lucerne and sugercane mulch. Question do I have to add fertilizer before replanting for a landscape garden. Natives and some flowers for colour.If yes which fertilizer.

Submitted: 01:22PM, 01 Dec 2014
Answer: Hi Klaus,
At this time of the year its more important that your plants establish well. Use some seaweed tonic to help your plants adjust to their new spot and fertilise in autumn with a product like Dynamic lifter organic plant food.
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Answered: 09:28AM, 15 Jan 2015


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