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my hibiscus leaves are curling up and I have seen no growth on them for some time now what could that be?

Submitted: 05:21AM, 15 Feb 2013
Answer: Hi Arlene,

Curling of leaves could indicate that there is a sap sucking insect present on the plant. Hibiscus unfortunately can be attacked by a number of pests e.g. hibiscus flower beetle, metallic flea beetle, erinose mite, and thrips. Check over your plants to see that none of these pests are present.

With regard to the reason why there has been very little growth on the plant, this could be a result of poor nutrition. Would you have fertilised your plants lately? At this time of year, hibiscus are in full flower, making a beautiful display. Plants should be fertilised in spring and then again at the end of autumn. We would suggest using Acticote for Roses and Flowering Plants, Dynamic Lifter Plus for Flowers or Uplift Organic Liquid Fertiliser. These products will give your plants the nutrients they need to produce good strong growth as well as enhancing the flowering. Follow the application rates on the packaging. I am sure in a short period of time the health of your hibiscus will improve and become a focal point in your garden. Happy gardening

Answered: 03:48PM, 15 Feb 2013


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