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05:59PM, 16 Nov 2009
Answer: Hi Sigrid, when some soils and potting mixes ge...
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05:59PM, 16 Nov 2009
I have many bearded iris and this year they have been hit with bacterial root rot. It smells foul! I have lifted, bleached and dried them out with some success but i've still lost too many. Any other ideas on treating this cpndition? And on treating the

The soil ph seems pretty good. Is this worse because of so may warm days and more rain than in recent years.

Submitted: 07:08PM, 02 Apr 2010
Answer: Incidences of bacterial soft rot increase during humid or prolonged rainy weather. Ways to reduce the degree of this disease include keeping the plant healthy with regular use of seaweed extract and sulphate of potash or fertiliser,controlling pests and diseases promptly,keeping the rhizome above soil level, spacing the plant and not overwatering.
Answered: 12:19PM, 15 Apr 2010


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