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06:13PM, 22 Oct 2009
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06:13PM, 22 Oct 2009
we have a kaffir lime tree, which has a black mould on the leaves, how do we treat this?

Submitted: 09:24AM, 09 Sep 2012
Answer: Hi Kylie,
The black mould is called sooty mould and occurs after an insect such as a scale, aphid or mealy bug pierces the plant. The insect excretes a sugary substance on which the mould grows.
Once the insect is removed then the mould will be reduced.
Try to identify the pest ie aphid or scale and spray Pest oil. This works by suffocating the insect and you may need to apply more than one spray. Pest oil only has a 1 day withholding period ie fruit and leaves can be picked and eaten one day after spraying. Wash off the oil from the leaves prior to using.

I have attached a link with further information and a picture of the sooty mould and scale.

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Tags: pest oil, kaffir
Answered: 11:30AM, 10 Sep 2012


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