Our Pansies are dying.

We have planted pansy seelings in good potting mix, but they are dying. We have replaced them but still not luck. There seems to be a fungus present would it be on the plant or in the soil. We usually have a nice show every year - till this year.

Submitted: 05:05PM, 15 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Lorna,
Pansies and other flower seedlings can suffer from damping off when the weather has been very wet. Most good potting mixes hold moisture so it is important to not over water the seedlings.
Are the pots free draining? Try not to have a saucer under the pot as this may hold too much water, especially after rain ,and may cause the seedlings to become water logged.
If you think the pansies have root rot apply some Yates Anti Rot to the seedlings. It is a systemic fungicide which penetrates the foliage and moves throughout the plant. Spray every 4-6 weeks.
Category: Diseases
Answered: 02:04PM, 16 Jul 2012


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