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01:35PM, 27 Oct 2009
Answer: Hi Steven, Unfortunately we do not have an orga...
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01:35PM, 27 Oct 2009
I have a hedge of pittosporum trees. The leaves are turning black and dropping off each plant. NW Tasmania.

Submitted: 11:12AM, 02 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Melaynie,
Pittosporum plants do not like wet feet as they are prone to root rot. This is usually seen as a gradual leaf and branch die back and may spread from plant to plant in the hedge. Often the plants in the lowest part of the garden where water may sit will be the first affected. If you suspect poor drainage may be causing the problem then apply some Yates Anti Rot as a foliar spray to the hedge.

Occasionally the Pittosporum hedge may be succumb to scale insects and often ants will be seen feeding on the sugary excretion. Have you noticed any insect pest on the leaves?
Apply some Yates Uplift Organic Root Booster to the plants to help improve the health of the plant. The combination of seaweed, fulvic acid, fish and bio-activ will all help stimulate root growth and help with the uptake of water and nutrients.

Category: Diseases
Answered: 11:35AM, 02 Jul 2012


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